Use Mobile Deep Link to Boost User Experience

Create Deeplink Short Links

Mobile deep links are the links redirect to the page in Mobile applications. For example, redirect user to your Facebook profile page with the deeplink fb://profile/[Your Profile ID]. When user click the link, Facebook will be opened if not open yet and show user your profile page. Deeplink will change the context of the user for you. But you don't want to redirect user to fb://profile/[Your Profile ID] if the user click your link with compute or Andorid phone. With SmartTrace, you can show user correct page based on device and context.

Show user the Deeplink Short Links

SmartTrace will redirect user to different deeplink based on device type. You can create a short link but redirect to deeplink and share the web link on social network or with email.

Better Experience, Better Performance

Mobile application provide user much better experience than mobile web. Better experience will drive better conversion rate and better marketing performance.

Manage Deeplinks in One Place

You can create only one short link, manage it at one place, see the user click logs and do more research based on the data collected.

Top deeplink list for social and mobile marketing

Facebook : fb://profile/[Your Profile ID]
Linkedin : linkedin://pub/[URL]
instagram : instagram://user?username=[Your instagram username]
Google Plus+ : gplus://[User ID] or gplus://[user name]
Twitter : twitter://user?id=[Your Twitter ID] or twitter://user?screen_name=[Your Twitter User Name]
Vimeo : vimeo://[Your video ID]
Pinterest : pinterest://user/[Your Pinterest ID]
Weibo : sinaweibo://
Wechat : weixin://

Mobile deeplink to install application

For iOS devices: itmss://[Your Application ID].
For Andorid devices:[Your Application ID].